What is
business/executive? coaching.

Executive coaching is an individualized, one-on-one relationship designed to assist executives and managers in developing and empowering their professional effectiveness and job performance.

It helps leaders harness their potential and develop skills that will enable them to be more creative in their day-to-day work and find alternative solutions with greater resilience.

2,85 Bnde dólares de inversión estimada en coaching en el mundo.+46%de nuevos procesos de coaching a nivel mundial.33%más de coaches a nivel mundial.21%21%de incremento presupuestario en la inversión de coaching.

El coaching online
está creciendo.

More and more companies are relying on coaching to develop their leaders.

With changing professional environments, new markets and teams working remotely, the challenge is growing. To solve this, companies are opting for developing their managers and encouraging their growth and leadership with executive coaches.

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