Management and leadership coaching

Mindbly Leadership unleashes the transformative power of coaching to create leaders and accelerate team performance and engagement.

Benefits of coaching for executives

A real and lasting benefit for both the recipient and the teams they manage.

Leadership effectiveness

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99% improve leadership and team management skills after 3-4 months of coaching with Mindbly

(Mindbly feedback survey 2022)

Impact on results

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Teams led by good managers achieve 48% better results than those led by average managers.

(Gallup, 2022)

Commitment level

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People who trust their team leader are x12 times more likely to be 100% committed to their work.

(Adecco institute 2021)

Importance of soft skills

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92% of managers say that interpersonal skills are more important than technical skills.

(Linkedin, global talent trends 2021)

Ourcoacheshave worked with:

Areas we work on in our online leadership program

Each manager decides which areas to focus on after completing the Mindbly Leadership Assessment.

Effective communication

To master the art of communicating clearly and confidently. Transform every conversation into an opportunity to motivate and grow together.

Conflict resolution

Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. We will explore strategies for navigating differences, creating a culture of feedback and finding solutions that strengthen your team.


Discover how to inspire, motivate and unite the team towards a common goal. Build bridges, break down walls and cultivate a collaborative and supportive environment.

Change management

Become the beacon of light in times of change. We will equip you with the tools you need to lead with confidence, adapting and guiding your team to success in new scenarios.

Leadership profile

Profile of the managers we turn into leaders

Our leadership coaching program is designed to help anyone leading a team, regardless of their level of experience or profile:

  • Newcomers

    They have just taken on the role of leading teams and need to acquire the necessary skills and competencies. Frequent profile in scaleups that receive funding and have an exponential growth.

  • Problem solver

    They have been leading teams for years, and can optimize their leadership style with emotional intelligence and effective communication tools.

  • Ambitious people

    They want to further develop their capabilities as leaders, and can benefit from a personalized and flexible digital coaching program.

Turn your managers into leaders with Mindbly

Mindbly unites technology, measurement and coaching to create inspiring and effective leaders.

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