Communication in Leadership: Why Do Leaders Need to Improve This Soft Skill?


Why Do Leaders Need to Improve Communication?

A true leader needs a set of social skills to succeed not only on a personal level but also to guide others towards success. In the workplace, we know that soft skills are overshadowing technical skills, especially in leadership roles.

Effective Communication in Leadership Facilitates Progress

While many attributes are important, to what extent does improving communication make someone a better leader?

Research conducted in a study on the relationship between communication and leadership found that communication is the most essential aspect of extraordinary leadership. Fortunately, in many cases, a leader emerges from within the team. If this person possesses a combination of exceptional soft skills and equally exceptional technical skills, a potential leader is evident.

This team member can step forward in situations where someone needs to take charge and guide others. Often without intending to, this person is conveying their skills to others through motivation, while helping them achieve their individual, group, or organizational goals. To do all this, one must be very good at communicating clearly, honestly, and assertively.

Listen to Understand, Not to Respond

Effective communication is a two-way process, and good leaders know this well. Communication is not just about speaking; the most important aspect of the process is listening with understanding. Improving communication also means knowing how to listen.

Listening to understand the team members’ points of view, as well as ensuring they feel heard and understood, marks the difference between a good and a bad leader. Only someone good at communication can recognize the importance of practicing extraordinary active listening and understand how the entire communication process works.

To achieve goals, a leader can visualize the emotions, knowledge level, and opinions of the recipients and then prepare actions that will allow others to understand the message they wish to convey.

When it comes to communicating objectives and vision, it is not only important for the message to be concise and clear, but the choice of timing and medium is also crucial, especially in today’s world of remote and hybrid work.

Communication is Key in the Digital Era

Whether we like it or not, the world is continuously evolving, and something that is here to stay is the digital space shared by people worldwide. Due to COVID-19, an immense number of companies have turned into online businesses or work with hybrid models.

In a digital world where all communication takes place from behind a screen and with all types of content and noise coming from different directions, an average person might lose their impact on the team. There are higher chances of misunderstandings and losing the sense of personal connection shared between the leader and the team.

This is why many leaders decide to engage in developing their communication skills. Having good communication skills can be very useful for enabling a leader to connect with the team while maintaining strong leadership. Many companies are starting to use a digital coaching platform to develop leadership skills, such as improving communication, through executive coaching processes.

In Leadership, Communication Helps Connect More and Better with Diverse People

Listening to and understanding others’ perspectives (which is essential for good communication) continually increases one’s knowledge. Someone with more knowledge is more receptive to ideas and also capable of connecting with individuals from diverse groups.

Connecting with people from diverse groups allows one to learn more and improve communication skills, thus continuing and reinforcing the cycle. This ability to connect with a diverse audience not only enables the leader to communicate their vision but also makes them more resourceful. Having people from various backgrounds and with diverse skill sets is one of the greatest assets a leader can have.

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