From managers to leaders in 5 months

Mindbly unites technology, measurement and coaching to create inspiring and effective leaders.


Complete digital coaching solution

Imagine that each manager has a coach who accompanies him.

This way they lead more effectively. They bring out the best in their collaborators, uniting the team. And teams make the organization more productive and inspiring. That’s Mindbly.

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Real added value with measurable results

Startups, scaleups or corporates that invest in digital coaching foster positive change throughout the organization

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Greater talent loyalty

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From manager to leader in 5 steps

Support the development of your people to boost the performance of your teams. We explain the steps of the digital coaching program.

  • Initial assessment

    Identifies strengths and areas for improvement in order to draw up tangible development plans.

  • Personalised experience

    Our matching algorithm allows you to find the ideal coach. Between each session you can access a repository of actionable tips on demand, to deepen your growth and development.

  • Anytime, anywhere coaching sessions

    No more wasting time to schedule a meeting. Schedule easily from the 1on1 online meeting platform.

  • Measurable progress

    Discover the progress of the programme with metrics, KPIs and insights displayed on the HR dashboard. Satisfaction, engagement, progress to accelerate growth in your team.

  • Final evaluation

    Each coach evaluates the development of his or her coachees during the programme by means of a detailed report.

Management coaching and leadership

Helps leaders reach their full potential through a series of reflective and collaborative conversations with a coach.

Coaching for companies

Enhance the skills of your employees by offering coaching as an employee experience or salary benefit within your organisation.


We bring together technology, measurement and certified coaches on a single platform. Perfect for making life easier for the talent or HR department.

Revolutionise the development of your organisation

Mindbly unites technology, measurement and coaching to create inspiring and effective leaders.

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